Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Share

Today is Jusco Member's Day sale at Seremban 2 branch. Mummy already mark this must-go shopping day. In fact, she never missed any sales at Jusco, really a die-hard fan.

Mummy was the best, she not only shop for her things, but everyone got their share too. Daddy got few pairs of new pants and baby Iyson have a new rocker. Oh, oh, and what about me?? Hehehe, Mummy still remember im asking for a push car as my coming birthday present.

In fact, im getting tricycle/bicycle every year for my birthday and this year another one for my collection.

Can u tell which one is the latest??

Yup, this was my 1st hand-down push car when i turn 1 yr old

This is the latest addition to my collection, my 4 yrs old bday gift( still got 2 more mths to go)

This one is more bigger than the existing one, and i can sit comfortably on it. Thank you Mummy for the advance bday gift... Im loving it...

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