Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Daddy Wins

Daddy didnt join us for the Port Dickson trip last week because he have to attend his company's annual dinner. And Mummy already show her dissatisfaction towards Daddy decision. She didnt talk to Daddy at all when we're away for the trip.

Luckily for Daddy, he won something on the dinner. His table was being selected for the table draw and 10 of them in that table won this.

iPad 2, 32gb with wifi

Daddy was so happy and called up Mummy that nite to inform her of the winning. But Mummy just buat endah tak endah. Still angry lah , kononnya....but deep inside her heart was very happy & excited too... cant wait to lay her hands on the that gadget..

Mummy give face to the iPad2 , so friend back with Daddy....hahahaha.. Not only Mummy was happy , me and baby Iyson also so addicted to our new playmate...Mummy have downloaded so many games suitable for kids my age and baby songs too..

teaching baby Iyson how to play the game

mummy loves to see us bonding like this, when we're not fighting for it lah

And now i can download the games myself without Mummy helping me. I will just choose which games that i like , then press install...


  1. wow ...WON a IPad 2 ! Congrats !
    Now, Wyson , Iyson & mummy wil fight for that ? hahahaha...

  2. Wow... Daddy's so lucky. Then can 'tham' Mummy with that. If not, dunno Mummy wanna be angry till when. hehehe