Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Not Blues

Usually on Monday, Mummy will have difficulties waking me up for school, but not today. Coz today is a holiday, replacement for yesterday Hari Raya Haji. After sending baby Iyson back to bbsitter, we continue our journey to The Mines.

Mummy have an appointment for her long overdue facial session, a package that she signed 5 years ago for 6 session. Unbelievable, right? Luckily today is the last session.

thats my Mummy, candid shot taken by me

After waiting for more than 2 hrs for Mummy to finish , finally i told her im super hungry. I need to eat something. Mummy looks at her watch, its already 3 pm, no wonder i start complaining.

Mummy quickly called up Daddy who wandering away to meet up at Sakae Sushi. Mummy long time already wanna tried out this.

Mummy's bento, the portion was quite large

When Mummy shows me the kiddy menu and ask me what i want, i quickly made up my decision and point to this...

My aeroplane meal, i finish everything here except the veges

i insist taking picture here, Bread Talk 

After the late lunch, when we preparing to leave, Mummy thought of packing home some of this.

our all time favourite donuts, Big Apple

Im not having Monday blues today, but i did watch the Smurfs just now... i keep on lala....lalalalala..lalalalala...


  1. Wah you're a good boy, wait for mummy for 2 hours? ;)

  2. haha hi-5 mommy, I have a last facial treatment with New York Skin too. Drag so many years keke.

  3. How come you followed mummy? Should have followed daddy go wandering around mai not so bored lo ;)The aeroplane kiddy meal looks very nice... Chloe always wanted to try that but her mummy always say no :p

  4. hahha..can't help laughing at your mummy's shot. i so wanna go for a facial too.

  5. Ur Mummy so 'geng'... take 5 yrs to finish up 6 sessions. But with u n then later bb Iy, guess she dun really hv the mood n time to go facial oso lah hor. :)