Thursday, December 8, 2011

Early Xmas Gift

 I've been bugging Mummy to buy me a scooter just like this since months ago..

pic taken on 2/10/11 at Tesco

So whenever we went to Tesco, the 1st thing i do was to have a free ride around here. Mummy said cannot buy from Tesco bcoz : 1. the price was too expensive RM79.90, 2. the size cannot support my weight, and most importantly 3. the quality not good, made from aluminium, easily dented..

Mummy did search from Jusco and Toys R'Us, but still cant make up her mind to buy. Till i told her, " Mummy, all i want for Xmas is this, scooter"...Ok, this statement really works...

The next thing you know, i was riding happily with my new scooter. Price : RM120 but Mummy feels the scooter worth the price she paid, 1. Made from stainless steel....2.. It is heavy duty, can support my weight, 31kg.. and it comes with a bicycle bell attached to its handle.. and the height can be adjusted accordingly...
Vroom, vroom , vroom...

Jealous of my new toy??? kekeke

Every nite, my routine without failed, i will ride along on my scooter roaming at the car porch for few minutes before i take my bath..

And today, finally accident happened... i cant balance myself and have a great fall.. I runs into the house crying out badly.

my badly scratched wound

Mummy said if i keep on wailing like a baby, she will give away my scooter... i love my scooter so i just weep silently in a corner..


  1. nice scooter. poor boy. accidents are bound to happen :( hope the wound is better now.

  2. Chloe is just like you! Always "hau-ji, hau ji" this scooter but her stingy mummy didn't bother to get one for her. Everytime go Tesco for free rides only :p

  3. Poor Wyson. Never mind after few more practice you sure can ride it very good.

  4. Be more careful next time ya, Wyson! Happy New Year to u and ur family!

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