Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lollipop Sandwich

After reading from Aunty Peggy's blog, Mummy also wanna tried out this simple Lollipop Sandwich. Such an easy task , just wrap the sausage and cheese with bread, roll it and cut it. Mummy didnt use the satay skewer( too dangerous for me) , but she choose to use the plastic picks. It just turn out nice and cute.

Nyum, nyum, me enjoying my Lollipop...


  1. Cute Lollipop Sandwich, he enjoy it so much.

  2. wahahaha..."tiru" aunty Peggy's idea ah ?hehe..
    good mah ! cute & healthy sandwich. great job mummy !

  3. yalor, aunty peggy, mummy tiru from ur site, what to do?? mummy dont know how to cook up a storm, so this was the most simplest recipe she can find...hehehe

    vic, cute hor, and most importantly it was so EASY...

  4. This kind of lollipops, we encourage the kids to eat more. :)

  5. Very cute lah... can I ask for your permission to tiru too? ;)