Saturday, November 14, 2009

My 1st Concert

Tada, today was the big day in my life. Well, at least thats what Mummy think. She always dreaming of me performing on the stage LIVE. I was selected to participate in 2 dances by my teacher for my kindy 7th Annual Concert cum Graduation Nite. Mummy also feel surprised when she first found out. She doesnt know that im very talented in performing. Ehem....
When we reach there around 6:00pm, Mummy quickly sent me over to the make-up room. I just hate it when Teacher Willona try to put make up on my face.

See my 'not-happy-at-all' face

Getting ready for my 1st dance, The Flag Dance. Mummy was so proud of me because i dont have any stage fright ( she expect i would) and can remember all the move correctly.

This was my second dance, The Pretty Flowers are Smiling

Overall, everybody enjoys the show very much and i have a good time too.

Lets see whether im good or not in my dancing ..... you all be my judges.

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