Saturday, August 8, 2009

At The Post Office

I came here before long long time ago, and till now i still remember this place called Post Office. Whenever we passed by this, i will tell Mummy & Daddy, this is post office. So, today coincidently Daddy wanna pay some bills and collect his registered mail, he brings me along.
After we take a number, we waited for our turn to be called. The post office quite empty maybe because it was Saturday.

So empty, till i can wander around

Holding the ticket number while waiting

Why so long our number not yet called?

Looking at the empty counters, only 1 counter opened on Saturday

Faster, faster, if not im ready to be posted out liao...hahaha

At last , our turn.....

Eventhough only 15 minutes spend around here, but its more than enough for me to have all the fun.. i will be back again....