Saturday, June 13, 2009

Busy Saturday Part 3

Me & My Doggy Bop Bag

Actually this bag was my 1st year birthday present. I dont know why Mummy keep until now only let me play. * Mummy forgotten already, if not seeing Aunty Penny post, i think Mummy still will keep this bag*

I actually dont know how to play with this bag, so i just wrestle it down, and it will pop up i have to keep on wrestle and wrestle..
Till the extend i have to sleep on it, so that it wont pop up again...

Manja'ing with my doggy , pa-pat and hug-hug

Eventhough it was quite heavy, but i loves to carry it around the house, just like this...

So , that was how i spend my Saturday.... phew... tomorrow will be another excitement day..

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