Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Day

Finally, the day come. Mummy woke up as early as 6am. She just cant have her good night sleep as usual. She must be worry sick about me.... She packs everything, my milk, bottle, extra clothes and some biscuits.

We reached the hospital around 7:30am, and get registered first. Then we were ushered to the OT waiting area. Mummy and Daddy was so tenses up, but i still can play around excitedly. Maybe i still dont know what 'waiting' for me in front.

Then 8:30 am, the nurse asked me to get changed to a green uniform. Of course i said dont want, then Mummy try to coax me into wearing it. But i still insist dont want. I put the uniform into a plastic and passed it back to the nurse. She just smiles at me.

The nurse then asked who will be accompanying me inside the OT, coz only 1 guardian allowed. So Mummy volunteered herself coz she knows i dont attached to Daddy. The next part will be continued as Mummy tells her experience.

Mummy's Story
The moment i went into the OT with Wyson, i felt so cold. Inside there got so many utensils, knives, sciscors, tubes, either hanging on the wall or lying down on a tray. When i put Wyson down on the bed, he keep on telling me he dont want, he wanna go home. He was as scared as me. That moment, i really feel like bundle him up and rush out. But i know i just cant. For Wyson's sake, i must hold on.

Then Dr Divan, the anaesthatic specialist, asked me a few questions before the process start. He asked me to put the mask on Wyson and asked him to breath. My boy just too smart. He keep pushing away that mask. Left with no choice, the Dr then asked 3 nurses to hold Wyson then put the mask on him. I just stand aside. I feel useless coz i cant do nothing to ease my boy pain. Wyson as expected put up a struggle, he starts kicking the nurses and shouting frantically. After a few minutes, Wyson finally falls 'asleep' but with tears in his eyes. I keep blaming myself, why i agreed for this at the 1st place? I should have said NO, the Dr just said he suspected , not even confirmed that my boy really insert something inside his nostril. But everything seems too late now. Wyson already up on the bed, and there's nothing i can do.

The nurse asked me to out and wait at the resting area. Me & hubby feels the clock have stop. Why tickling so slow? We keep on looking at the time, minutes by minutes passed by. After 25 minutes, the nurse came out and asked me to go in. Then Dr Gilbert give me a brief findings on the surgery. He said the surgery went well, and luckily they found nothing inside my boy nostrils. But just that heavy mucus and the area got infected. Plus the sinus problem makes his nose condition worsen. Wyson need to be on antibiotic medication for 3 weeks to be fully cured.
I feel so relieved upon hearing this, like a big stone have been removed from my heart. But on the other side, i feel 'cheated' by the doctor. Just a simple nose infection, but why was they treating it like a big disease illness. I only know the reason when the bill came. A whooping of RM, they sure earns alot from this, no wonder....

When they wheeled out Wyson from the OT, i can heard my boy screaming. I go near him , and the Dr was patting him, told him everything was alright, ok, and Mummy is here. I tried calling my boy's name, Wyson, Wyson, but he give no response. With his eyes shut, he keep on shouting and mumbling. He evens kick on the bedrail. The nurse scared he will hurt himself. I heard her suggesting maybe they should have tied Wyson legs. I quickly asked the Dr permission whether i can carry him in my arms. Maybe that way, he will feels more secured. Even after i carry him, he's still sreaming. I cant heard a word what's he trying to said. The nurse then told me the anaesthatic havent over yet. He's still in 'sleeping' mode.

I pat him gently and told him everything is ok now. We will go back shortly after he wakes up. After a while , he stops screaming and doze off in my arms. But once a while, will still 'e e eh eh'...

Since this was a minor surgery, no overnite stay required, so we're placed in the Daycare, no beds, just reclining chairs. The nurse pity me, seeing me carrying my boy, she then offered me this sofa in the resting room, which have tv and toilet. My boy sleeps for more than 2 hours after that.

Ok, back to my story now. See how tired am i... after i woke up from the longest morning nap.. i was so hungry, i was fasting from last nite till now.. but nurse said , only little bit of water was allowed, coz im surely will throw up if i eat or drink anything heavy now.

Then i asked Mummy to switch on the tv, i was watching my fav channel, Disney channel, when i feel something stick on my hand. It was so pain...

It was this thing, over the past 2 years, i dont know how many times already this 'thing' have landed on my hand..

I was cranky bcoz of the pain and also the hungerness. Mummy so pity me, so she quietly makes me a bottle of milk without the nurse noticed.

My first 'meal' after the surgery. But not even after 5 minutes, this happened...

I vomitted out even before i reach the bathroom. Mummy quickly informed the nurse. Mummy actually feel 'paiseh' coz the nurse already warned her not to give me anything heavy. Just a few sips will do.
Before i was discharged, the nurse passed this bottle to Mummy. She told Mummy we can keep it. Mummy feels so grouse , but just take the bottle. Wanna see whats inside this bottle??

The 'things' inside my nose.... yucks.....
Im really glad this whole episode have ended , and hoping hoping in the near future , i no need go into OT again...


  1. poor little boy, luckily everything goes well.

    btw, day care should have a bed for rest too, i have been day care too once due to some infection and even can claim from insurance.

    ** charge so expensive not even have a bed to rest, MUST complain!

  2. no woh, they only have seats, no beds one, i consider lucky coz was given the sofa..

    Mummy did claim from insurance, if not, sure she makes noise already, but this hospital lauyah one lah...

  3. Oh dear... from a flu became so "dai wok" (big prob) ar? Hope the poor lil boy's nightmare is over now and he's back to good health. Take care and rest well too, mummy.

  4. aiyo, poor Wyson.
    Luckily nothing serious.
    i can understand your feeling about being cheated, sigh.