Friday, May 1, 2009

Labour Day = No school day

Eventhough today is Friday, but everyone no need go to school and works. So we gathers together, and went to The Mines. We have our late lunch at San Franciso Pizza. Then straight proceed to Kiddy theme park.

Enjoying my kiddy ride at the Mines Kiddy Theme Park

After a tiring 'workout' there, I tell Mummy i wanna have Big Apple donuts. So there we go.

Yummy, yummy, enjoying my pinky dinky donut

Later at night, Mummy suggested we went to have dinner at this 'Lan Jie' shop( highly recommended by her M's friend). This shop was super packed with diners. We wait, and wait, and wait for our dinner to be served.

After an hour waiting, still no sign of food yet. So i continue sipping my coconut water. Im very hungry...

At last our meal was served after 1.5 hours waiting time. Me already too hungry to said anything, so just eat on my own.

I dont understand, we waited for so long just for this.... FISHES..... looks and taste nothing special too. Luckily i overheard Mummy said , she wont ever come back here again...phew..

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