Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mummy's Day

Today is Mummy's Day. And also Eason gor gor birthday. So yi yi suggested we throw a small party for him at Pizza Hut. The place was so packed with people and the air conditioning not functioning properly. Everybody was so hot & sweating while dining here.
We quickly finish up our meal and Eason gor gor even get a birthday pizza. Me first time seeing this and i dont like the taste also. But all the gor gor said it was very nice indeed.

After Pizza Hut, we proceed to Baskin's Robbins to have the 'cake cutting ceremony'. The air-cond was cooling enough to make everybody mood flares up.
Im so excited seeing all the ice cream cake display there. Till the extend i climbed up the counter to have a better look of it.

Am so excited seeing cake everytime.

Singing birthday song to Eason gor gor

What a great afternoon , eat-all-u-can ice cream session. Usually Mummy wont allowed me to have this much of ice cream, but since there was a double celebration today, so Mummy said closed one eyes leh....

Later at night, we all went to have dinner at one of the restaurant in Serdang. Place also full with diners. Eventhough Mummy have booked a table and dishes, we still wait for more than an hour for our dinner to be served. Mummy was very dissapointed with their service and said will never ever come to this restaurant again. Mummy heartache when seeing me having plain rice only due to the long waiting time and i still can said YUMMY.
But as long as i can go out gai gai, i wont mind at all....

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