Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Just Loves Birthday

What i loves most about birthday?? Not presents, not foods or games ... i simply loves birthday cake and the blowing candles part..

This month we will have more birthday celebrations. First will be Carmen, then follow by Yi-poh, Yi-yi and me, yup, my birthday will be coming soon. Then will be Darren and 2 Kiu-kiu's. So, i will have lots of cake to eat and candles to blow.
Today is Carmen's 9th birthday. So Yi-poh have a simple celebration for her. As usual, i just aimed at my fav, birthday cake.
See how i enjoys the cake, yummy delicious ....

Cant wait for the next birthday cake....


  1. aiyo, the photos are so blur....
    next time when having celebration with cake, ensure that you bring camera.

  2. no lah, aunty sh, nothing to do with camera der, it just Mummy skill very lauyah, i keep on moving, and her hand also keep on shaking...hahahaha