Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Hooray! Its my 3rd birthday today. This year will be my 1st time celebrating birthday at kindy. Mummy have prepared so many things just for today party.
1) My birthday cake.... since Mummy knows im so in love with Mickey Mouse & Friends, esp Goofy.. so she ordered this cake from Secret's Recipe ( Mummy search online to custom made the design)
2) Party packs ( ordered online too, Mummy just need to fill up the bag with goodies)

Elmo theme ( front view)

Back view

3) Paper bags ( the party pack will be put inside this bag)

Mickey Mouse & Friends theme (front view)

Back view

4) Birthday token ( In the Nite Garden, Pocoyo and Teletubbies theme)

Singing birthday song

Cutting cake

Happily eating my birthday cake

My friends with their token

My classmates with their party packs

What a memorable birthday party i had this year...... Thank you Mummy and Daddy.......

For more of my pictures, pls click here.


  1. Happy Birthday Wyson.
    So nice can let mommyy to go in and take photo.
    See Wyson looks, so happy that can celebrate with his friends there.

  2. Wah, very nice goodies bag leh ! may aunty Peggy have one ? TQ. hehehehee...

  3. wah.. the paper bag oso custom made ler..... where you order it?

    Sorry Wyson, auntie peimun was so busy until forgot about your big day....!!!!!

    Happy belated birthday to you.......

  4. A.Wyneth, Mummy didnt come for the birthday party lah, she just passed the camera to my teacher. All pic was taken by my class teacher..

    Can, can, A.Peggy, u come over lah, i reserved the bag for u. But without goodies inside lah, coz i already finish feasting on it...hahaha

    No worry, A.Pei Mun, i know u very busy now with baby Randal around...Mummy order the bag from this website,