Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Mummy can only said WOW when she received this parcel today. The service was superb and efficient. It only takes 3 working days for the parcel to reach after Mummy have write a review about this.

The parcel from EOE.

It was wrapped with another hard cover to prevent damage to the photos.

The quality was way too good from what Mummy have expected. Two thumbs up for EOE. You're simply the BEST.

When Mummy colleagues see this, they were also busy asking about this online photo printing service. Izzit reliable?? Izzit the cheapest in town?? and blah blah blah. Mummy simply told them seeing is believing. My Mummy have tried and tested and full with satisfaction now. How about you?? Have u try it too?? Better hurry before their promotion ends.

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  1. i order once, i send my order by 2pm and guess what, the next day 12noon i get my photo, until i get a shock, why so fast? haha....