Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hong Kong, Im Coming...

back dated post 5/7/2013

After we check out from our hotel, we wait for their shuttle bus to take us the Macau Ferry Terminal. Yup, we heading to Hong Kong today...woohooo

me and daddy at the hotel lobby , almost same size eh..hehehe

Its my 2nd time taking a ferry to Hong Kong....but still very excited coz got baby Iyson to play along in the 1 hour journey..

with my macho Gung gung and Iyson

The 1st thing i spotted when we reach the Hong Kong ferry terminal was this......

my all time fav, KFC

But we didnt have this for our lunch, instead we choose to dine at the nearby Japanese restaurant coz Iyson already throwing tantrum and wailing non stop...

After our lunch, we head towards to the nearest MRT station. Mummy said we need to check in first and drop our luggage at the service apartment before we explore HK...

in the MRT, 

Mummy founds some old pics during our trip to HK on 2009..see how cute am i during that time...hahaha

my very 1st MRT ride at HK 

After a 15 mins walk from the MRT, we finally reach Ovollo Tung Chau Street service apartment. Muumy falls in love with it once we get to our unit. It was a 3 room apartment with kitchen area and living room. It was clean and spacious. And Mummy found a small surprise called the loot bag. Mummy opened it up and it was filled with snacks. The mini bar was full with soft drinks, drinking water, juice and yoghurt drink too and we can have it FOC...

In the lobby , they have this happy hour area, with free flow of soft drinks, coffee and tea. And if you want some beers, you can have it during their happy hour time from 6:30pm-9:30pm..

the snack bar

me hanging out with Gung gung and Yi poh , with our free drinks

Me, Mummy and Iyson just stay in our apartment while the rest went out to jalan-jalan cari makan...Iyson was having fever, and he falls asleep after took his i have the tv remote all by myself and watch my fav disney channel without anybody disturbing me..bugging me to change channel..hehe

For dinner, Daddy's friend came to look for us and bring us out. We having dim sum for dinner, and it was delicious...Mummy likes the Polo bun(pineapple bun) filled with char taste heavenly...

Its already after 9:30pm when we finish our dinner. We hurriedly paid for our food and left. On the way to the parking, we saw this cutee giraffe. How to resist not to take picture with it? 

Such a nice night view with all the colorful lighting buildings. This is Victoria Harbour, which we didnt managed to come on our 1st visit. Too bad, when we reach here, the lighting show already finish :-(

But nevertheless, we still enjoy the windy weather ..


After this, we straight away heading back to our apartment. Iyson start feverish again..Pity him, no mood at all...

Tomorrow we will be checking out early, so better have a good night rest ya...


  1. Ah boy very fortunate! Got to go HK at such young age!
    I love the night view!!

  2. Wah go HK pula ni... Now when we can book cheaper flights, really good right?
    When it is cheap, we have more budget for the kids to tag along and grandparents too.

  3. Wyson looks like daddy, Iyson looks like you... hehe

  4. Really love the night view in Hong Kong!!! =]

  5. I wish to go Hong Kong again, need to print money 1st, haha~