Saturday, August 31, 2013

Goodbye Macau...

backdated post 7/7/13

We will be flying back we still have the morning and afternoon to walk and shop around..We wake up quite early, pack our things and off we go to look for breakfast. We went to Senado Square again.

hvg breakfast at one of the famous shop for egg tarts, but forgot the name already..hehe

After breakfast, time for photo snapping session..

photo taken at the same spot, can see the difference? the bigger and smaller(year 2009) version of me..

Day view @ Ruins of St Paul

year 2013

year 2009
So much difference kan? Daddy that time still can carry me, but now , not to said cannot carry lah but with much difficulties

We took the cab back to our hotel, have our last bubble bath in the tub and voila, we board on the hotel shuttle  to our next destination..

Macau Fisherman's Wharf

The weather was very nice when we reach there, so we took so many photos..

dont u all love the blue sky , white clouds?

The nice weather doesnt last long, soon it start drizzling...bummer...

Mummy captured this sweet moment 

We have our lunch at one of the chinese restaurant here.. the food not bad and price reasonable too..but no food pictures ya, coz Mummy too hungry and we're rushing to go back to our hotel. 

spotted this golden cow at the restaurant lobby

Time sure run faster than me, in a blink of eyes, our holiday of 4d3n already came to the sure will missed Macau and not forgetting HK too..

Mummy, when can we come here again??????????????????????????

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