Monday, August 19, 2013

A Day at Mong Kok, A Night at Senado

Backdated post 6/7/2013

After we check out from the service apartment, its still we took the MRT to Mongkok. But too bad, once we reach there, it start pouring. We didnt expect it to rain, so we didnt bring along umbrella or raincoats we looks for shelter in front of the shop that havent opened yet. We moved from one shop to another shop while waiting for the rain to stop.

We cant wait for the rain to totally stopped, so when its still drizzling , we quickly find a restaurant to fill up our hungry stomach...its just 11:00am, and we're ordering lunch...hahaha

have our brunch here, taste not bad

After our brunch, the rain have finally stopped. Without wasting time, we start to explore Ladies street. Mummy just targeting to buy some fridge magnets and ipad covers. We spent our time here till 3pm and we got to leave. We need to catch the ferry back to Macau...

Oh, Hong Kong, how i missed you...but dont worry, i will be back sooner than you thought....*wink wink*

Fast forward, after check in to Hotel Royal Macau , ya , ya ..we choose to stay at the same hotel again... without wasting time, we went to Senado Square..

the park in front of our hotel. It was very nice with bench and water fountains but too bad , we dont have enough time to sit back and enjoy :-(

The view was totally different at night time, with lighting it was much more prettier compared to when we came here during daytime 4 yrs ago.

Then we walk all the way up to Ruins of St night time , it was not that crowded and its not hot too...

with Mummy and Iyson

wow, Daddy still can carry me ya

and the two us too

me and Iyson

We totally worn out tonight, so go back hotel , took our hot water bath, then time to slumberland..

dont disturb ya, Prince Charming wanna zzzzzzz