Friday, August 26, 2011

Belated Birthday

Mummy received this circular 2 weeks back. It was about the 3d birthday and National Day celebration that we will be celebrated today. For the past 2 years, i didnt joined this quarterly birthday celebration coz I celebrate my birthday on the day itself.

As you all know, i didnt get to celebrate this year birthday at kindy, so Mummy thought of letting me join this. The party should be more merrier with so many birthday boys and girls. Like every year, i will get to choose the design of the cake. Because im so addicted to the new cartoon show, Jake and the Neverland Pirates aired at Disney Junior, i told Mummy i want my birthday cake with all of them.

Next, Mummy have to think of what to give to my friends... Previous years was chocolates, so this year also will be the same. Since im having a Pirate theme party., so a treasure box is a MUST. Where to get a treasure box???

Tada, my treasure box. Mummy found it in the store room

So, this is Wyson's treasure box. Inside must have a lot of treasures for my little friends...Can see what was that inside the box??

Ahoy, GOLD PLATE 999....dont play play hor...

Everything ready, and lets have a look at my birthday cake now..

This morning when i reach school, i was so happy. Im grinning widely..

We have our morning started with singing and dancing

Then the cake cutting session with all my friend that celebrated birthday on that day

Waiting for the candles to be lite up 

Singing birthday song

Cake cutting

my classmates

When Mummy came to fetch me in the evening, i show her the treasure i have found received from my friends and teachers.

a box full with treasures

from my teachers, Angry birds glittering pens
from kindy, a bag of blocks

a lot of junkies, i only play with the balloons and whistle
I seldom eat junkies from party bag

Thats how we celebrated our birthday at kindy.... but teacher didnt snap photo of how we celebrate Merdeka Day...oh, should blame it on Mummy coz she only told teacher to snap the birthday party photos...hahaha


  1. Wuaaaah! Gold bars in the treasure box! This is so cool :)

  2. Don't play play ! Gold Bars! Haha......

  3. wow, i love the pirate theme and the treasure box with gold are really nice!

  4. Wow, ur son's celebration was so grand! My son's kindie's teacher mentioned to me so far only me organize a small party over there...parents are lesser making the effort to celebrate in kindie, maybe is not cheap though.