Thursday, March 25, 2010

Im Back from My Trip

Yeah, finally im back from my trip yesterday. Wondering where i went??

Yup, u see it right, Bali......

Like i mentioned earlier, this trip was without Mummy cannot be my narrator, pictures will do the talking.

Manja-ing with Daddy

Geng ler? Choosing our own souvenirs

The 3 stooges

Waseh, really know how to enjoy myself to the fullest

Can see i become darker already?? Thanks to Daddy, he forgot to apply sun block for me during the whole trip.... Mummy so 'sam tung'(heartache) seeing this...

Finally our group photo..... total of 12 paxs . Goodbye Bali, and the moment we're in the plane, i already asking Daddy about our next trip.. Im eagerly waiting now....woohoo...


  1. Nice trip! I'm sure it would have been better if mummy was around.

  2. 2 men went Bali honey moon? kekeke.......
    so romantic hor?