Friday, July 19, 2013

Im Back, back. back....

Phew , just in time of getting my renewed passport to fly again on 4/7/13....its only an hour waiting at the Immigration, super fast service...

the new chip based passport, the picture no longer can be in blue background and coloured. It must be white background and wearing dark cloth. That day , i was wearing my white color school sport t-shirt, so the kakak there help me by drape her black color shawl around my neck, not bad huh?? hehe

Me so getting used of the long hours flight journey,and it will be quite bored sitting in the plane without doing anything kan? So i will make silly poses and ask Mummy to snap my pictures..

Me pandai cakap saja lah, after 30 minutes, im dreaming already sleeps till the plane landed.....hahahaha

Tada, after 4 hrs flight and 30 minutes of custom clearance, we're finally here...

baby Iyson was so excited

After our check in at Hotel Royal Macau, we quickly went out to look for our dinner. Its already 8pm lah, stomach growls...

We didnt need to go far, coz there this cafe behind our hotel..

We ordered this ...

steamed chicken and roast pork

roasted duck & pork

korean bibimbap

yang chow fried rice

Our dinner was so fulfilling...burp...

Since its already 9:30pm after our dinner, so we stroll along the road and lead us to here...Lisboa casino...i was so fascinated with their lights..eventhough its my 2nd time here in Macau, but its my 1st time to this casino.. u all must be thinking Mummy and Daddy wanna go ka-ching ka-ching kan?  

No ler, Mummy so kamsiap wont waste her money on this lah, she prefers go shopping...hahaha.....

Thats how we spent our 1st day here...


  1. Wah u so syok ah ...sleep melintang like that :)

    Mummy kiamsiap then go bodek daddy la

    1. cannot ler, daddy also super kamsiap...hahaha

      er, Mummy always got her ways wor to ensure we sleep comfortable like this..geng ler..

  2. Best lor Macau...I miss their Portugese egg tart

  3. Lots of shopping spree too. Macau is a free duty place oh!

  4. never been to macau....hope one day will be able to travel there.....