Friday, July 13, 2012

My Very First Dental Visit

a really back dated post 9/5/12

Yesterday i kept on telling Mummy, my mouth was very pain. Like got ulcer, so I keep on moaning and complaining till Mummy cannot stand and asked me to open my mouth wide. She got a shock when she saw this..

its a new teeth making its way out

Without further delay, Mummy straight away bring me to the dentist today. I've never been to a dentist before, but watch alot of dentist scene thru Mr Bean shows.. and it seems funny seeing Mr Bean playing with the chair that can be adjusted and all the utensil.

I quickly hop on the chair, and yes, it can be adjusted just like Mr Bean...hahahaha... I start playing with the things around me.

still can pose for Mummy, dont know whats waiting in front..

Dr Dentist checking on my teeth

its a totally new experience for me

stylo or not?? i was having fun here

Not until the Dentist suddenly pulls out my existing front teeth, and its give me a shock. My tears start rolling down uncontrollably...sob sob sob

its was so pain

Aiyah , this drama didnt last even for 5 minutes coz the moment i stepped out from the room, there's a big tv waiting for me, with Disney channel airing..and its my fav cartoon showing that time...I can even told Mummy  she can go ahead and have her lunch while im waiting at the clinic here to watch. *Mummy slaps forehead*

Mummy came back to fetch me after 30 mins. Ya, she really left me at the clinic( she's very familiar with the staff nurses there) to have her lunch...

and we bring back home this to exchange present with tooth fairy

And as a reward , for being a good boy, ahem.,... Mummy bought this battery operated toothbrush for me...

and few more of Spiderman toothbrush

* Mummy give me 50cents the next morning , saying that tooth fairy left the coin under my pillow as an exchange with my tooth. I was so happy seeing that 50cents, and keep on asking when can we go again to pull out  some more teeth!!! * Mummy roll eyes and fainted*


  1. Hmm.. Visit the dentist could be a nightmare for certain people.. But glad its over for you boy... ;)

  2. haaaha....this is so funny. He is such a brave boy to be left alone in the clinic.

  3. 1st visit and he's got his teeth pulled out. But he's such a brave boy! He overcame his "shock" real fast. :)

  4. Oh a great experience for him. Luckily mommy found it and bring him to dentist, else the new tooth has no place to grow.

  5. I like this post, you made the visit to the dentist sounds so optimistic, comical and funny :)

  6. Wow, pretty brave thing you did there, going to the dentist to have your teeth pulled out! It’s a good thing everything went real smooth I bet you enjoyed watching your favorite Disney cartoon while your mom was having lunch! LOL! That aside, I think those Spiderman and SpongeBob toothbrushes are well-earned. :)

    [Rae Screen]

  7. The Spongebob toothbrush is a good consolation for the tooth-pulling drama. Haha. Yes, it's certainly painful and overwhelming for kids to have their first teeth cut through. Good thing Mummy is always there. :D

    -Williams Schermer

  8. Wow, you really deserved to watch your favorite cartoon and the SpongeBob electronic toothbrush for being a brave boy in the dentist, Wyson! Aside from the pain, I think you really enjoyed your visit to the dentist. And you were right about the chair being like the one in the Mr. Bean show. Going to the dentist will be much easier next time now that you’ve gone through your first visit quite well.

    @Benita Abril

  9. Wow, now that’s a brave kid, if I ever saw one! Only a few kids can claim that they enjoyed their first visit to the dentist. You’re headed off to a great start, so keep brushing your teeth everyday! I hope you enjoyed using your Spiderman and Spongebob toothbrushes! :)