Monday, July 23, 2012

Im 6

In a blink of eyes, im turning 6 today! Mummy still cant imagine,

 from this tiny winy baby weight 3.65 kg at birth 

have transformed into a young, handsome boy today....ahemm, ahemm and weighted 35.9kg ( ooppsss)

Some updates of myself : 

Weight : 35.9 kg
Height : 122 cm

Cons : Still stubborn as ever whenever it comes to homework but never during playtime
Very sensitive, will cry easily ( but also very easy to pujuk

Pros : At times , i can be so sweet and loving till melt everybody heart
Never failed to entertain Mummy whenever she's moody ( Mummy have to admit, he really does a good job in this)

Learning skills : 

As usual , am still polishing my memory in remembering all the 26 alphabets in sequence..i have the tendency to mix it up all ..

But im getting very good in my speech ( with the reason and logic as well) .. that day i left Mummy speechless when this conversation took place ..

Wyson : mummy, u can't used a fake Internet, u must use a real Internet.. 
Mummy : huh? Where got fake Internet?
Wyson : got, when u used wires to connect, then its real, if no wires, then it's fake
Mummy : if no wires, mean wireless, means WIFI! Not fake!

Back to my birthday celebration, every year without fail i will request for the Choc Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe as my birthday cake, but not for this year anymore..

Few months before my birthday, i told Mummy i wants blueberry cheese tarts to replace my birthday cake. And my wish was granted..

my fav blueberry cheese tarts

and mix fruit tarts as well

Mummy have prepares some party packs filled with Khinder Bueno chocs  for my friends too..

We have this small birthday celebration during morning break..

with my classmates

After having tarts , i started giving out party packs for my friends..

In the afternoon, Mummy came to fetch me..again , to the dentist we go... after the first visit here 2 mths ago.. 

can see the new teeth tak sabar sabar wanna come out?

the same seat, same dentist

The whole process was less than 5 minutes, fast and accurate but still leaving me in tears...for a while only coz when the Dentist knew it was my birthday, she ask me to choose a toothbrush as my present. 

and i choose this, Spiderman toothbrush while my teacher gave me
a jar of chocolates

For dinner, Mummy choose to dine out. We headed to Jusco Seremban 2 and its our 1st visit to this restaurant serving asian cuisine , Row Six..

im having my all time fav, nasi lemak with ice lemon tea...yummss

Must be wondering what is my present , right? coz every year i got to go travel, so this year also make no difference, we will be travelling too...But this round , will be cuti cuti Malaysia..hehehe

And it doesnt stop here, Mummy got additional present for me as well...

can guess which one is mine ? ;-)

Thank you, Mummy...


  1. Happy belated birthday! He's 35.9kg?? *faint* Poor fellar... kena cabut gigi on his birthday haha. Wah wah, macam2 gadgets ada... so spoilt for choice! No matter whose those are, he sure gets to play all of them, right? ;)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Wyson. Please tell your mum, she have won something from aunty Angeline here...congrats