Saturday, March 12, 2011

Im Sick Too

Mummy not only worried about baby Iyson having fever, cough and flu, but me also. After few rounds of vomiting on Thursday, i start purging yesterday, uncontrollably.. i will wet my pants without me realising. I will run to the toilet in the middle of the nite eventhough im half way sleeping.

So without wasting time, Mummy bundled up the two of us and to the Paed we go.

After all the checking and Q & A session , Dr said it was virus infection and prescribed this for me, Smecta powder ( to hardened my stool). Last time i dont like to take this one coz the taste was so AWFUL but the nurse told Mummy now they have added vanilla orange flavor.

And few bottles of this...

Hopefully after taken this, i wont be running for the toilet again..