Sunday, January 31, 2016

Goodbye Bluey

I used my bag for 3 years already  but is time to throw my bag away but i got a new bag so no bad feeling.

because they has ink inside.  i put ink bottle inside and i squish .. because i dint,s closed tied  tight.

Mummy buy a new bag it cause cost RM368 .00. Mummy said it will be deducted from my  ang pow money. i hate it so much.but its my fault ,so no choice. Yes,i will take good care of my new bag now.


  1. Y got the ----ah? Mummy do "correction " is it?

    If spilled ink only can still use la the bag. Soak in a pail of water and wash lor.

    Next time if bring ink to school , remember ask mummy to tapau into plastic bag so that if soill pun will not dirty the bag.

    Hope the ink tak kena your school books oh..else kena cikgu r.o.t.a.n. ...

    1. Mummy act as the backstage scriptwriter correction as when needed...hehe

      Mmg put ink into a plastic bag..but that day spill mummy throw away together with the plastic...this one spill der was the newly bought bottle, belum sempat reach home lagi..