Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweat and Bloody Day

A very nice weather today, so Mummy let me joins her cousins playing badminton outside their house. I was sweating and running happily helping the big gor gor to pick up the shuttlecock.

Mummy keep on warning me to be careful and not to fall down. After that she left me with her cousins and went back inside the house.

After a while, i came running in and start crying. I told Mummy i fall down on the road and hurt my knees. Mummy not only didnt show me her sympathy but continue lecturing me. I was told to go into the bathroom and take a shower.

I keep on crying and crying coz when the hot water get in contact with my open wound, it was really really pain. Mummy still didnt realised i hurt my elbow too till i show her the wound.

Mummy got a shock coz the cut was quite deep and blood keep on oozing out.

Luckily after put some ointment plus a plaster , the bleeding stop. But i still weep silently because of the pain. Sob,sob,sob...

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