Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cuti-cuti Malaysia Part 2

After an early check out from Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, we continued our journey to Penang. Baby Iyson getting more crankier now..... he's not his usual self, he will cry whenever he feels like it.

When we reach Penang, we decided to take the ferry to the island. It was our first time taking a ferry.. I was so scared till i do not dare to move around, im scared the ferry will sink. I preferred staying inside the car... Mummy was teasing me , saying that pirates wont come to catch us. Its not funny, Mummy.. im really really scared.. At least im not crying. Baby Iyson on the other hand , cried non stop and wailing while we're in the ferry..

When we reach the island, we have our late breakfast. Then we proceed to Kek Lok Si temple. This was my 3rd time here..

The last visit was on CNY 2009..

Our visit on 2009

Can see how much i have change? Now am a big big boy already... .this time we went for their newly built extended temple. .. and i took the opportunity to snap pic with my chinese zodiac, Doggy..

Then with Guan-Yin ( can see or not, Baby still crying here. Pity him also, once we got down from the temple, we straight bring him to the clinic. His temperature was shooting up like rocket and his body was very hot)

With my cousins

We straight go check in at Vistana Hotel after the doctor visit. Then Mummy and baby stays in the hotel while we all go out looking for foods. Mummy can only ordered room service for her and baby.

We check out the next day and was thinking to stop by again at Bidor on our way to buy some biscuits and fruits. End up we discarded the idea. Baby still taking his med and Mummy was way too tired already.

Thats all about our 3d2n trip.... But the weirdest thing was, once baby goes to bbsitter house, he become so active and cheerful.. guess he was homesick and missed his bbsitter so much..